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Our Success Stories

Mother and Baby

Emerson's Story
Age: 8 Months

"We contacted Rachel on a whim. My daughter had improved from still waking up every couple hours to just 2-3 times and I thought that was the best I was going to get. But Rachel met with us over the phone and quickly helped us develop a plan to decrease those wake-ups and get us all some sleep back. She took into account our living situation, how comfortable we were with crying, our schedule, and our daughter's sleep preferences. It was only a couple nights we were down to just 1 nighttime waking and she was quickly falling asleep. We have continued to use her interventions and with each inevitable regression she takes as she grows, we are now able to quickly get back to sleeping through the night. I am so grateful for Rachel's help! I highly recommend!"

-Eubanks family 8 Month old

Carsen's Story 
Age: 7 Months

My daughter was 7months old when we started working with Rachel— we went from always contacting napping & not being able to put her down for bed, to 2 full naps per day in her crib & a full nights rest every night (mind you she is putting herself to sleep every time)— this is all thanks to Rachel!! Our daughters schedule and sleep would not be where it is today without Rachel. She helped us come up with a schedule and sleep plan that worked for OUR family and situation. She consistently checked in with us and was always there to answer any questions that we had! I cannot recommend Rachel enough for any age!!!

-Cunningham Family 

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Finley's Story
Age: 2 

My 2 year old used to be a great sleeper, but a move to Japan rocked her world and she was constantly waking up in the middle of the night, crying when we tried putting her to sleep - it felt like I was getting less sleep than I had when she was a newborn. We really needed help getting back on track and Rachel was the perfect guide to get us there. After about 1 week we really saw a difference and we are all much happier for it. Thank you Rachel!!

-Brown Family

Harper's Story 
Age: 21 Months

I cannot thank Rachel enough! My 21month old was having major sleep issues and waking 3 to 5 times a night, sometimes she would be completely inconsolable. After speaking with Rachel, she gave us some amazing advice and support as we sleep-trained our toddler. After about a week, she was consistently sleeping through the night and we were well on our way to eliminating a bedtime bottle! Such a game-changer as we prepared to bring home a newborn. Her advice even helped us through the crib to big kid bed transition.

-Crouch Family

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