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Is your family ready to commit to sleeping through the night? 

We went from always contacting napping & not being able to put her down for bed, to 2 full naps per day in her crib & a full nights rest every night!

Olivia – mom of a 7 Month old

Is Your Little One Struggling With Sleep?

Is your baby or toddler struggling with sleep? Are you rocking your baby to sleep for 2 hours before laying them down? Or are you playing the game of laying your little one down hoping they don't wake, and tiptoeing out of the room?


Together we can build a custom sleep plan that fits your little one's needs so, your family can be well-rested!  So you and your partner can get back date nights with confidence that your baby will sleep. To get that little bit of YOU time back at naptime to feel like a human again. Not only does your little one deserve to be well-rested your whole family deserves it!

Teaching You And Your Little One To Confidently Sleep Through The Night!
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I am a mother of two. We are currently living on the beautiful island of Okinawa, Japan. When my daughter was born all she did was cry and never slept. Needless to say, I was exhausted and needed help. So I decided to take a chance and sleep train her. Boy, I never realized how important sleep was not only for my little one but also for myself. When she started sleeping I got some freedom to spend time with myself and my husband. Being a stay-at-home mom that is hard to come by sometimes. This changed my life for myself and my marriage. My husband and I finally had time together at night which did not happen since she was born. We were able to confidently leave her for date night and not worry she would be up or hard to put to sleep for the sitter. I fell in love with learning about sleep which led me to become a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. 

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